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March 15, 2008


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c.o. jones

I'm not saying it's necessarily right, but it's a fact of life that there is a double standard, if for no other reason than a practical one: men can't get pregnant. I have a 19 y/o stepdaughter, and I've tried countless times to explain to her how male nature works, but to little avail - telling her she doesn't have to throw herself at every "bad boy" type who gives her the time of day falls on more or less deaf ears. She doesn't get it that there is a point, and I don't know whether it's 5 partners or 10 or 20, past which a woman is considered "damaged goods" by most guys (the ones worth having anyway). And forget it if you've got a kid, most guys in their 20s ARE NOT interested in raising some other guy's progeny.

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