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March 17, 2008


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Waldo Jaquith

Well, to be fair, I'm not saying it's *better*, just that a keyword search shows that some specific words are used less frequently in our submissions than they are in what we publish, despite that some of those words would seem to be overused. Quality just doesn't enter the equation.

We do have one quality metric: the work that's classified as "inappropriate for VQR" by our readers. That constitutes 5% of all of our submissions, which is a pretty big chunk.


Conor Friedersdorf

Thanks for commenting, Waldo. My supposition was that editors thought submissions were more cliched than they turned out to be, and that less cliched themes are better, but I see how I may have read too much into your post.

Anyway, interesting stuff.

Ms. Paine

Dorf is cool.

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