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April 09, 2008


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air jordans

Pigs are friends of human beings

Bill K.

I am an American who has lived in China since 1997, so I think I have an opinion on this...
People are still individuals, regardless of nationality, so the thought that a child raised in China would someday become a threat to America is an idea straight out of the conspiracy movies!
There is no secret "Asian invasion" going on...it is just a simple case of people wanting more for themselves and their family. Chinese immigrants are no different than Italians, Russians, or some other group of people. They come to America to make a better life for themselves, they come to America for more freedoms, they come to America for a passport that will be welcomed all over the world.
Maybe this is a common fear citizens have...Did Americans feel there was a threat from first-generation Japanese-Americans right before WWII, and was it just as wrong then as you are about Chinese-Americans now?

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